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THIS new, three-part series paints a compelling picture of Frida Kahlo, one of the world’s most instantly recognisab­le artists, whose own image was as striking and unforgetta­ble as the paintings she produced. This first episode flies through the wellknown events of her early life — the childhood polio and the horrific streetcar accident that almost killed her. It is the accident that marked the biggest turning point in her life — it was the point from which she began to define herself as an artist, and it was soon after that the celebrated mural artist Diego Rivera would become an important figure in her life. The series is beautifull­y put together, featuring experts who clearly know — and love — their subject, but the best part is hearing Kahlo’s own words, from her diaries and letters, read aloud. Rich in detail that you might not know, this is also an accessible analysis of Kahlo’s importance as an artist, both then and now. This first episode ends as she finds herself in the shadow of her new husband, Rivera, one of the most in-demand artists in the world. Expect to see her coming out of his shadow kicking and screaming in next week’s instalment — or you can watch the full series on iPlayer after this one has aired.

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