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The BBC must give Lineker the boot


GARY LINEKER likes to comment on the wider world, but fails to see the bigger picture. His remarks likening government policy on migration to that of 1930s Germany are comparable to late-night pub talk.

Britain is among the most densely populated countries in Europe, but represents only 2.4 per cent by area. We have one million fewer homes than required, a matter that should be acknowledg­ed by those who want to welcome all who arrive in our islands. How will our infrastruc­ture cope? We know low-level migration over many years can work in the long run, with people assimilati­ng well. We know, too, that a sudden increase is problemati­c and high immigratio­n works better when the economy is booming. Britain has a good record on migrants. Many were sheltered here during and after World War II. Post-war, people came from the Caribbean and Cyprus along with those expelled from East Africa. And, of course, a fair number of people have emigrated and the birth rate has been declining since the 1990s. How many more new faces can our country sensibly welcome? Lineker may know the answer.


WHY do celebritie­s feel the need to join the political arena? Gary Lineker was a great centre forward and a good football pundit. Of course, he is entitled to his opinion, but to pass on his vitriolic opinions to his Twitter followers is arrogant and misguided.



THE BBC really needs to drop pundit Gary Lineker. Quick to dispense with the services of respected and popular presenters such as Ken Bruce, who never made an inflammato­ry statement, it seems unfathomab­le to allow Lineker to continue broadcasti­ng. Lineker had already been censured for other comments and we are told the BBC will ‘speak frankly’ to him about his recent Tweet. Match Of The Day has been an institutio­n for football fans for decades and would continue to be so without him.


Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

WHY are so many captivated by the opinion of a mere football pundit? He is not Albert Einstein, though he did score a World Cup hat-trick. But does that justify him voicing his opinion on every subject under the sun? If he were not a celebrity, would anyone listen to his views? His privilege of opportunit­y is not available to many. Give us a break, Gary, keep your thoughts to yourself and stick to football.

IAN BARRATT, Maldon, Essex.

I WELCOME Gary Lineker’s right to voice his opinions, under the umbrella of freedom of speech, on football and crisp flavours for which he is reputedly qualified. But why does he consider he has the right to burden us with his misinforme­d opinions on matters outside his expertise?

MARTIN HAVARD, Chulmleigh, Devon. THOUGH I am not a big fan of Gary Lineker, I agree with him that the notion people can’t claim asylum in this country goes against basic freedoms. I am glad he has spoken out.

JAMES T. EMRY, address supplied.

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Outspoken: Pundit Gary Lineker

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