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6 A pattern of squares, usually

alternatel­y coloured (7)

7 To become covered or blocked with frozen snow (3,2)

9 Sylvia, late actress who played the wife of a closeted gay barrister in 1961 film Victim (4) 10 Mountain in the U.S. state of Wyoming, whose name comes from French Canadian trappers (5,5)

11 John, jockey born in 1952 whose winning rides include Sea Pigeon and Brown Chamberlai­n (8)

13 ____ acid, an organic compound found in leafy greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds (6)

15 A fabric made using an Indonesian dyeing technique (4)

17 Bonnie, blues musician who won the 2023 Song of the Year Grammy for Just Like That (5)

18 The highest point (4)

19 An act of abducting and keeping a person captive for ransom (6)

20 A large panel often beside a road, used to display advertisem­ents (8)

23 A small olive-brown warbling bird with dark legs that inhabits parks and woodland (10)

26 ____ Koch, stand-up comedian born in Saint Petersburg in 1992 (4)

27 ____ double, one who performs risky actions in a film in place of an actor (5)

28 Visually descriptiv­e language,

especially in a literary work (7)


1 ____ Gardens, public space in London that contains a bronze statue of Peter Pan (10)

2 Extremely enthusiast­ic

about doing something (4-2) 3 Girl’s name that comes from the Old German for ‘world’ (4)

4 Region of northwest Italy

that borders France (8)

5 A selection of hot and cold dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine (4)

6 Barry, late comedian and panellist on radio’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue (5) 8 A short article giving a descriptio­n of a person or organisati­on (7)

12 ____ Bowman, Scottish radio

DJ and TV presenter (5)

14 Real name of the Yorkshire Shepherdes­s, born in 1974 and noted for her books and TV work (6,4)

16 Gawain and Kay were among those who featured at King Arthur’s Round Table (7)

17 Aggressive greed (8)

21 Public order offence usually

involving brawling (6)

22 Bill, actor who played Rufus Scrimgeour in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (5)

24 The number of suits in a standard pack of playing cards (4)

25 ____ Indahouse, 2002 film featuring a character that first appeared on The 11 O’Clock Show (3,1)


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