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No 17,051


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1 Georgia manipulati­ng

whisk is clumsy (7)

5 Engineer was busy overlookin­g second pedestrian tunnel (6)

9 Top Dane mislaid

thing for jotting (7)

10 Chance shortly in renovated

cafe to see small boat (7)

11 Leaders in hospital undergoing briefing in centre of operations (3)

12 Asian is not troubled about end of meeting or rendezvous (11)

13 Some demote this short

piece of sacred music (5)

14 Bill’s partner grabs a fine seat

prepared for a jollificat­ion (9) 16 A French duke twice imbibing English drink shortly in an uncertain state? (9)

17 Start to budge connection showing momentary gleam of light (5)

19 I recite fact that’s represente­d in official document (11)

22 A container emptied?

That’s fitting (3)

23 Like a TV performer, say,

suffering difficulty? (2,1,4)

24 Waiting for evensong,

maybe (7)

26 Group with day gone going round shack in Asian country (6)

27 Greek character in poor

state has bacterial disease (7)


1 Lightweigh­t cloth, element in hanging hammock (7)

2 Comic introducin­g that barb he’d devised about European excitedly (4,5,6)

3 Weak sort not with

young troublemak­er (3) 4 Conceals skins (5)

5 A rug fades badly?

Here’s protection (9)

6 A piece of stone held

up in wood (5)

7 Italian comic sat fidgeting making adjustment (15)

8 Money a gent diverted

into attractive bar? (6)

12 Halt at pitch regularly to see top part of building (5)

14 Terrible male taking lively interest in new racket sport (9)

15 Fellow on Mediterran­ean island turning up in short story (5)

16 Release for all to see new piece of footage (6)

18 Christophe­r, figure with

small young cats (7)

20 Popular place for data (5) 21 A ship left at intervals?

That’s an advantage (5) 25 Midlands county not secure for long, deep track (3)

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