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Your partner deals and opens 2NT (20-22 points). What would you bid on:

There is no point in beating about the bush here. Just bid a direct 7NT.

If you think about it, this must be pretty well certain for 13 tricks. even if partner has his minimum of 20 points, you have a combined 37 points, so you can’t be missing an ace! It is hardly conceivabl­e that he has not got the ♠ K, and the other three aces must be in his hand. This accounts for only 15 of his minimum holding, so he may well have all three missing queens. In fact, he’s far more likely to be able to make all 13 tricks than only 12, so bid it.

Incidental­ly, a spot where inexperien­ced players often go wrong is to get too excited by 17 points when partner has opened 1NT — only (12-14). But even 14 added to your 17 only reaches 31 points, so the hand would only merit a direct raise to 3NT.

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