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Did BBC axe Attenborou­gh’s film on rewilding over backlash fear?

- By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor

THE BBC is embroiled in a fresh impartiali­ty row over the decision not to put a David Attenborou­gh film on television.

Sir David, pictured, will narrate Wild Isles, a five-part documentar­y on nature in the British Isles to air on their primetime Sunday night slot.

But yesterday it was claimed a follow-up film, named ‘Saving Our Wild Isles’, which focuses on the destructio­n of nature, as well as the controvers­ial subject of rewilding, will only be made available on iPlayer over fears of a backlash from Right-wing politician­s. The decision has angered programme-makers, who fear the BBC has bowed to pressure from lobbying groups with ‘dinosauria­n ways’, The Guardian said. The BBC insists the show was only acquired for iPlayer.

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