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++Westminste­r wars++


■ AFTER the Government’s proposed lifetime ban on illegal immigrants, Keir Starmer is revealed to have said all immigratio­n laws have a ‘racist undercurre­nt’. What’s racist about stopping foreigners with no right to be here from entering or staying in the UK?

■ IN A Q&A session, Home Office civil servants said they found it difficult to reconcile the Government’s plan to stop small boats with their personal and ethical conviction­s, one saying they had never been ‘so ashamed’ to work for the department. Good luck with finding a job in the real world where you can’t work from home with a gold-plated pension.

■ CAN it be true Boris has nominated his father for a knighthood? Stanley Johnson’s a serial philandere­r who broke Covid rules. They say the rotten apple never falls far from the tree.

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