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My other caravan’s a Porsche!

- By Stacy Liberatore

IT is known for its high-powered sports cars but Porsche’s latest project is a little more sedate – a luxury caravan.

The German car-maker designed it as part of a joint effort with the American manufactur­er Airstream whose polished aluminium caravans have been considered design classics since the 1930s.

The new model – designed to be towed by a small SUV or an electric vehicle – was unveiled as a concept by the two firms at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

It uses materials such as carbon fibre to reduce weight but also has aluminium panels, as well as large windows and a skylight and pop-up roof.

Inside, it has a sit-down dining space that transforms into a full-size bed and a kitchenett­e with sink, stove and storage area, as well as a small bathroom.

It features a suspension system that allows it to be lowered to the ground for easier access and makes it possible to store inside a garage.

At the front are two seats that can be folded into a single bed and at the back reclining chairs that allow owners to enjoy the views from the open hatch. A small TV fixed to the ceiling can be moved around to face all directions.

It is not known whether the concept caravan will go into production and there is no indication of price, but Airstreams cost from £38,000 to more than £155,000.

The US firm said it was ‘an innovation exercise to help us think about how we can build on Airstream’s design DNA to create products for tomorrow’.

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Open road: The new concept caravan

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