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(Very) modern manners


LORD Waldegrave, who, as I reported this week, steps down as Eton’s Provost next year, has no intention of slowing the pace of change that he’s overseen with head master, Simon ‘Trendy Hendy’ Henderson.

Last week, Waldegrave welcomed the Eton Dragonflie­s — a club for gay Old Etonians — who were joined for dinner by ‘several staff and a couple of senior boys’. Eton declares it a ‘great success’. Some alumni voice doubts. ‘It’s pure Trendy Hendy,’ one tells me, recalling the OE who wrote in The Mail on Sunday that being gay wasn’t ‘a big deal [ until] we became a protected community . . . By my final year, a kid four years younger than me was running around calling us all “fags”.’

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