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FOR thighs like Kate’s that are slender and strong, you need to work the adductors (inner thigh muscles) and abductors (outer thigh muscles).

Matthew Hirst recommends a move called ‘the clam’ to strengthen the inner thigh. ‘Lie on your side against the wall so your back is against it, pull your legs up to a 45-degree angle, knees together, and open and close the knees like a clam,’ he explains.

To strengthen the outer thigh muscles, the abductors, Jemma Thomas recommends a ‘lateral banded walk’. ‘Take a resistance band just above the knee, sit into a squat position and walk sideways in a pulse motion, four steps to the left, then four to the right. Keep going for 45 seconds, with a 15-second break, and repeat three times.’

HAMSTRINGS — the name for any one of three muscles at the back of the thigh between the hip and the knee — are prone to injury, especially for runners like Kate. But you can strengthen them, says personal fitness trainer Kat Sterbova of katfitness.co.uk who recommends a single leg deadlift.

Stand straight with both feet on the ground and your hands hanging down in front of you. Slide one leg back and raise it upwards, keeping your back flat until your body makes a ‘T’ shape. if you’re using weights, hold them in your hands, and lift upwards and

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