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KATE’S quads are perfectly toned, thanks to years of running and cycling which keep the four large muscles at the top of the thigh in great shape.

To further hone those quads, weighted squats are key, says Matthew Hirst, owner of Blast Fit Studios ( blastfit.co.uk) in Ealing, west London, and a former personal trainer at the £325a-month Harbour Club in Chelsea where Kate and William are members.

Plant your feet on the ground — slightly wider than your shoulders — straighten your back and bend your knees, moving downwards as if you’re going to sit on a chair.

Lower your upper body in a controlled manner as deeply as you can go, pushing your hips back as you do, before moving slowly back up to a standing position.

‘If you’re starting out, hold a very light weight — 2kg in each hand — and repeat the exercise 25 times,’ says Matthew.

‘As you get stronger, do two sets rather than one. Then, if you’re looking to build muscle, increase the weight — to 8kg or 10kg total — and lower the repetition­s to ten.’

What’s important is the time your legs spend under tension so move slowly and steadily, he adds. ‘Each movement should last four to six seconds, contractin­g the muscle and really focusing on it.’

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