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THE glutes — crucial for that pert Kate posterior — comprise three muscles in the buttocks. The best move to work these muscles are hip raises, also known as hip thrusts or ‘ bridges’, says Jemma Thomas of just moving withj em.

‘Lying on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground, squeeze your bottom and raise your hips towards the ceiling, keeping your shoulders on the mat,’ she explains.

‘Lifting each leg off the mat when you are in this position increases the challenge. You can also add a dumbbell, held at hip height, to add resistance.’

Repeat the hip raises, slowly and with control, 15 times before resting, then go again twice more.

The yoga ‘chair pose’ is also great for toning the bottom. ‘Stand with your feet hipwidth apart and raise your arms overhead,’ says Cheryl MacDonald, founder of yogabellie­s. com. ‘Lower your hips as if you are sitting on a chair. Squeeze your glutes to help keep your balance and hold for five to ten breaths.’

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