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Mail’s pothole victory


IN a major victory for the Mail, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will announce a new £ 200million fund to fix potholes in Wednesday’s Budget.

Commending our End the Pothole Plague campaign, he acknowledg­ed the misery caused by the appalling state of our roads and the baleful effect on connectivi­ty and growth. This cash injection is nowhere near enough to solve the problem entirely – but it will certainly help.

so we welcome the Chancellor’s timely interventi­on and hope he will now turn his attention to another crucial issue highlighte­d in today’s paper.

Business leaders and captains of industry from AstraZenec­a to Rolls-Royce are urging him on our pages to reconsider the six percentage-point hike in corporatio­n tax. It will stifle growth, cut investment and threaten jobs at exactly the wrong time. If he wants British business to fly, Mr Hunt must heed their advice and think again.

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