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Can Suella win the Battle of Waterloovi­lle?


Home Secretary Suella Braverman will today continue her battle with Labour as the Commons holds the first vote on her ‘Stop the Boats’ Illegal migration Bill.

But Braverman is also locked in another political duel which could have far more serious consequenc­es for her political career.

The feisty frontbench­er, who ran for the Tory leadership after the fall of Boris Johnson, is fighting for her political life because boundary changes mean her Fareham constituen­cy is to be merged with neighbouri­ng meon Valley at the next election.

This means she is having to compete for the nomination for the new seat of Fareham and Waterloovi­lle with neighbouri­ng Tory mP Flick Drummond.

Braverman, pictured, is not universall­y popular among Tory members. Some would prefer a local champion like backbenche­r Drummond to a

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high-profile Cabinet minister. But senior Tories are desperate for her to win the selection battle later this month. ‘How will it look if the Home Secretary, piloting the most contentiou­s Government legislatio­n in years, is dumped by her local party?’ asks one senior party figure. Local Tory activists, however, resent the party HQ interferin­g in candidate selections. ‘It’s the only power they’ve got,’ observes one battlehard­ened operative at HQ. ‘They often do the opposite to what they think the leadership wants.’ Braverman will be hoping she’s Wellington rather than Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloovi­lle.

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