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Driver ran over innocent man after ‘ knock and run’ prank

- By James Tozer

A MAN who mowed down an innocent student after going on the hunt for prankster youths has been jailed.

Oliver Donnellan, 47, left business management undergradu­ate Christophe­r German with serious leg injuries after using his 4x4 ‘ as a weapon’ while the victim sat on a park gate with friends.

He was jailed for 12 months after being found guilty by a jury of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He was also given a three-year driving ban.

Donnellan, a former director of an IT consultanc­y, had flown into a rage after two teenagers with whom he had had a confrontat­ion a week earlier knocked at his £350,000 semidetach­ed gated property in Over Hulton, Bolton, as a prank and then ran off. The father of two gave chase, jumping into his Land Rover Discovery with his brother. He sped along a grass track leading to Cutacre country park in Atherton, near Manchester, to find the culprits.

But instead he hit Mr German, 20, who was watching Dr Who on a phone. The student – who was not involved in the earlier incidents – was thrown on to the bonnet.

Donnellan sped away as Mr German’s friends tended to him. He later had to have his knee fully reconstruc­ted and was left unable to play football or go skateboard­ing.

Donnellan dashed home after his attack and had the damage repaired before replacing the Land Rover with an Audi. He was charged

‘Not a shred of remorse’

18 months later. Mr German’s father Martin told Bolton Crown Court that the businessma­n had tried to portray himself as a wellrespec­ted upstanding member of the community – ‘but I know different’.

He added: ‘My son went out on a Saturday and had his life changed for ever because a red mist descended on you and you couldn’t control yourself.’ He said Donnellan had ‘never expressed a shred of remorse’. The victim’s mother Lynda wept as she told the court Donnellan had ‘used his car as a weapon’.

 ?? ?? Jailed: Oliver Donnellan
Jailed: Oliver Donnellan
 ?? ?? Badly hurt: Mr German
Badly hurt: Mr German

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