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New khakis


THEY’RE new because they are wide ( no surprise since wide-leg trousers are key to the new silhouette), and they’re important this season because a wide khaki is the ‘been there and don’t much fancy doing it again’ woman’s answer to the current revival of cargo pants.

Reserve judgement on this one. It’s very early days and there will be cargos in the shops that are not bristling with baggy pockets and slung low enough to reveal your thong. But for now a wide-legged pair of khaki trousers is the elegant and easy alternativ­e. Wear them the way you would denim and look smarter, then add more khaki as we get into summer to look smarter still. PACK AWAY: Slim jeans in khaki.

KEEP: Khakis.

BUY: Wider khaki trousers or cargos, a khaki shirt, jacket, sweater.

 ?? ?? Trousers, £49.99, zara.com
Trousers, £49.99, zara.com

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