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Cropped jacket


FOR years, a roomy double-breasted blazer has been the jacket for slinging on with trousers or dresses. But what you need to ring the changes now is a jacket cropped on the hip (see silhouette switching, top right). This could be a collarless, edge-to-edge style, a variation on a denim jacket or a cargo four-pocket. It’s what makes wider trousers look neat and uniform, and it neatly contains a fit and flow midi dress.

If you’re ready for a longer maxi skirt, this is the jacket that makes it look chic. If you’re not, this is the jacket you’re wearing to work with your mid to high-waisted trousers. It could be navy, it could be boucle, it could be a little black number with gold buttons or thick khaki cotton. PACK AWAY: Baggy linen jackets. KEEP: Big blazers.

BUY: A cropped jacket — you may need two.

 ?? ?? Jacket, £119, shirt, £59, jeans, £89, and bag, £169, all hobbs.com
Jacket, £119, shirt, £59, jeans, £89, and bag, £169, all hobbs.com

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