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Anti-agers no one but you need know about I’ve had a blocked pore for a year: what should I do?

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Q I’M 71 and have had a blocked pore on my chest for over a year. Recently it’s turned swollen and painful. My GP locum told me the NHS don’t deal with this and it may just go away. But I want it removed; should I go to a private dermatolog­ist? A ‘ THAT sounds like an epidermoid cyst,’ says NHS and private consultant dermatolog­ist Dr Mary Sommerlad.

‘They are harmless but can get infected in which case you need a course of oral antibiotic­s. Frustratin­gly, they are not routinely removed on the NHS any more, and we normally recommend leaving them alone, although if they are bothersome, and it sounds like yours is, they may be removed in a local NHS lumps-and-bumps clinic so I would recommend pushing for this if you can. Many have closed due to cost savings but do enquire with your GP to see if one runs in your area.’

alternativ­ely, she says, these cysts are easily removed privately. ‘In my private capacity, I charge £950 to examine the cyst and excise it under local anaestheti­c, then send it for histology (to determine if there are any cancerous cells).’

Dr Sommerlad is based in London ( 108harleys­treet.co.uk). For other private dermatolog­ists around the country, you can look on doctify.com.

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