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AS CHANNEL 4 continues to mark its 40 years on air, this new twoparter —concluding tomorrow — profiles a woman who was there from the very start: Paula Yates, whose stint co-hosting music show The Tube made her a star in her own right, out of the shadow of husband Bob Geldof. It’s based around previously unheard interviews she recorded in 1998 and 1999 — not long after the death of her rock star partner Michael Hutchence, the INXS frontman, and not long before her own tragic death in 2000, aged just 41. Alongside those riveting interviews with the effortless­ly charismati­c Paula herself (pictured in 1994), contributi­ons from her friends and colleagues help to tell her compelling, rollercoas­ter story. Belinda Brewin, Paula’s long-time confidante and the executor of her estate, gives her insight into the challenges Paula faced — not least, the discovery that her father was not the TV presenter and producer Jess Yates, as she had believed, but the game show host Hughie Green. Pop star Robbie WiIliams and celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke look back on their friendship­s with Paula, while Sananda Maitreya — the singer formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby — spills the beans on their fling (when Paula was still married to Geldof).

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