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Migrant incentive


PRESIDENT Emmanuel Macron is to get more money from Britain to fund patrols of French beaches.

With around 80,000 migrants expected to cross the Channel this year, we can give France an incentive to stop people smugglers.

I suggest we pay £80 million — to be reduced by £1,000 for every migrant who arrives in Britain. If 80,000 are able to come here, the French will get nothing.

CHRIS KING, Chichester, W. Sussex. IF GARY LINEkER feels so passionate­ly about the plight of migrants, then instead of sniping from the sidelines, he should stand for Parliament.

How come everyone who is raising objections to the new Bill, including keir Starmer and Labour, never come up with a viable alternativ­e?

BARRY FREEDMAN, Edgware, Gtr London.

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