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■ SLEEPING Beauty is woken with a bucket of cold water because kissing without consent is a big no-no.

U. GING, Lowestoft, Suffolk.

■ WILL the Ugly Sisters be renamed the Not Suitable For Love Island Sisters?

CHRIS PATE, Worcester.

■ IN AN online health screen, I was asked to tick: male, female, transgende­r male, transman, FTM, transgende­r female, transwoman, MTF, additional (please specify).


■ DR MAX PEMBERTON says taller people are more likely to go to university. Do the rest of us draw the short straw?

ERNEST GRASBY, Leighton Buzzard, Beds.

■ WE’RE told children, teens, mothers-to-be, menopausal women and vegans need a multivitam­in (Mail). What about blokes?

DAVID BALDWIN, Alnwick, Northumber­land.

■ GIVE households special rubbish bags to pick up litter in the streets in return for a supermarke­t voucher.

B. WISE, Dartford, Kent.

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