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Pay less for health cover by using a good broker


DO YOU use a broker to compare the market for health insurance? There are often significan­t savings to be made by using a good broker to review your existing health insurance policy or switch you to another insurer. With the complexiti­es of underwriti­ng and the need to have health cover for your ongoing or previous medical conditions, it can often be difficult to understand the advantages and disadvanta­ges of the products and policies that are available. A broker can interpret the findings of a thorough market review in a clear and simple way. You can switch your policy and retain cover even for major medical conditions you have had in the past or ongoing conditions such as high blood pressure, for example, without the need for exclusions. It could be that you are simply paying too much for your health cover. A negotiatio­n of your premium by a broker could mean that you can remain on the same policy as before, but for less money. Or you may have options in a policy you don’t need, such as London hospitals or more cover for outpatient consultati­ons than you could use in a year. A broker can advise on ways to streamline your policy or look at other more suitable products with a new insurer. With the increase in NHS waiting times there are lots of reasons to buy health insurance, from clean hospitals to your own room and choice of specialist.

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