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Now football host tackles Musk after attacks on his son by Twitter trolls

- Daily Mail Reporter

TWITTER may be the platform of choice for Gary Lineker – but that hasn’t stopped him criticisin­g website owner Elon Musk after threatenin­g messages were sent to his son.

Lineker re-shared a private message which said his eldest son, George, should to be ‘burned at the stake’ for his public support of his father in the row over the Government’s immigratio­n policy.

The abusive message described George as a ‘mug’ for ‘sticking up’ for what his father said, adding: ‘You need to be burned at the stake.’

Lineker wrote: ‘Is this acceptable @Twitter @elonmusk? And I don’t mean the grammar.’ Earlier in the day George had tweeted: ‘Social media’s mad isn’t it. Over the last few days, on insta – never had so many nice messages. On Twitter – never had so much abuse.’

Last week, a Panorama investigat­ion highlighte­d how insiders at Twitter were concerned the site could no longer protect users from harmful content and trolling as a result of widespread staff cuts since Mr Musk took control.

Responding to the claims, Mr Musk tweeted: ‘Sorry for turning Twitter from nurturing paradise into place that has... trolls.’

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