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Police won’t name triple death driver


POLICE have refused to reveal who was driving the car involved in a crash which left three people dead and two critically injured.

Eve Smith, 21, Rafel Jeanne, 24, and Darcy Ross, 21, were all killed in the crash on the outskirts of Cardiff on March 4.

Shane Loughlin, 32, and Sophie Russon, 20, were pulled alive from the wreckage – having spent two days lying injured next to their dead friends after their families’ concerns about their disappeara­nce were ‘fobbed off’ by police. Mr Loughlin and Ms Russon are still in hospital.

The white VW Tiguan involved is thought to have belonged to Mr Jeanne, but he allowed other people to drive it. South Wales Police have said they will ‘not be providing a running commentary’ on their investigat­ion.

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