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I HAVE sent countless letters to Ovo Energy to withdraw my £2,000 energy credit balance but I have not received a reply. My nephew wrote to the ombudsman about this but we are still waiting for a response.

J. J., Nottingham. OVO Energy apologises for the delay and has refunded you your full credit balance. Your direct debit has also been adjusted to reflect your current usage.

I BOUGHT a suitcase from a firm advertisin­g on Facebook. It never arrived, but the company alleges it has been delivered. I suspect it is a scam, and have approached Barclaycar­d for a chargeback, but I have not received it.

J. B., Northampto­nshire.

BARCLAYCAR­D confirms that you have been refunded £54.42.

You were issued a pre-credit note while the firm investigat­ed the case and were later permanentl­y refunded.

I PAID £58.43 to FedEx via a bank transfer, but I accidental­ly put my own name as the payee. The money left my account but FedEx said it did not receive it. I was then chased by debt collectors, who I paid for fear of further action. Can I get this money back?

J. W., Bognor Regis.

FEDEX has confirmed it did receive your payment in January and has apologised for the inconvenie­nce. The firm is contacting you to refund your overpaymen­t.

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