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LESS Love Island, more Lord Of The Flies, this new contest challenges 16 experts (including addict turned long-distance hiker Amber Asay and Jill Ashock, a survival teacher, angler and archer, pictured) to handle life in the wilds of Alaska. There’s a prize of one million dollars — that’s more than £800,000 — for the victors, but in order to win they have to remain as part of a team, which means building alliances is just as important as building shelters. It’s pretty brutal stuff, with competitor­s leaving the show not when


Ariyoshi Assists, Netflix

IT’S sometimes hard to know what you’re watching with this insaneseem­ing Japanese show, in which the singer and comic Hiroiki Ariyoshi — a television legend in Japan — helps guest presenters to design their own variety shows full of games, challenges and goo. Lots and lots of goo.


Bodies Bodies Bodies, 10.20pm, Sky Premiere

IN A smart and very modern U.S. whodunnit, a murder-mystery they get voted out but when they simply can’t handle it any more — and with sub-zero temperatur­es to contend with, limited equipment and the constant pressure to find food, not to mention the threat of bears in the vicinity, it’s a marvel any of them can surive for as long as they do. At least one contestant is actually evacuated when they become medically unresponsi­ve — and with the stakes so high, in both victory and defeat, the contenders are not immune to the temptation to play dirty . . . game takes a horrific turn at a boozy party for twentysome­thing rich kids. What follows is also very funny, if you like dark comedy, and a strong cast (led by Amandla Stenberg and Maria Bakalova, pictured) bring lots of energy to the biting script.


Ted Lasso, Apple TV+

THE third and allegedly final series of the award-laden comedy — about a kind-hearted American coach (Jason Sudeikis) trying to succeed as the coach of a struggling English football team. Its blend of belly-laugh moments with gentle, loveable characters has proven to be an absolute winner, and the new, weekly run kicks off in fine style, with Ted facing new challenges both on the pitch and at home.

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