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■ HAS President Macron stopped laughing yet? I bet he can’t believe his good fortune.

WILLIAM McGOVERN, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

■ IF WE were to turn around the small boats mid-Channel, the French would suddenly find it was very important to patrol their beaches.

TERRY PAYNE, Banstead, Surrey.

■ IT BEGGARS belief that tens of thousands of migrants can find the people smugglers, but the gendarmes can’t.

R. BRADSHAW, Cowbridge, S. Glamorgan.

■ I AM delighted for the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. These hard-working members of the Royal Family quietly get on with the job.

BETTE SPRY, Christchur­ch, Dorset.

■ I AM grateful to a stranger who donated a kidney 11 years ago (Good Health). It changed my life and I can’t thank the family enough for donating the organ of their loved one.

LESLEY MASH, Barnet, Herts.

■ BRITAIN is responsibl­e for some of the world’s greatest inventions, so why can’t we come up with a road surface that will last through the winter?

DAVE HAYES, Sandwich, Kent.

■ PRESIDENT XI of China has been voted in for a third term by 2,952 to zero votes. I bet the zero was taken out and shot.

SANDY PRATT, Storringto­n, W. Sussex.

■ AFTER the heavy snowfall, a blackbird flew to my doorstep to pick up food for her early brood. Nature is amazing.

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