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Forget Botox and be a natural beauty


ALEXANdRA SHULMAN is wise to resist Botox, which she says has made her friends of the same age look ten years younger (Mail).

She is keeping her body free from possibly harmful additives and has saved a fortune in pursuit of ephemeral beauty. Nothing you can do to your outward appearance can change your inward glow, which is true beauty. Make-up or high fashion might help, but it is how you treat your whole self, physically, spirituall­y and emotionall­y, that matters. Alexandra has that inner glow and it shines through to her looks. I would never have cosmetic surgery, but I do wear make-up every day even if it is just to do the housework or gardening. Like Alexandra, I am not pleased with my wrinkles and saggy bits, but that is who I am.

I never thought I would stop having my hair coloured, but didn’t have a choice during the pandemic. Luckily, friends have told me: ‘I love your new colour — where did you get it done?’

I wish more people with influence would follow Alexandra’s example and carry the flag for natural beauty.

Mrs G. HIELDS, Lowton, Gtr Manchester.

HOW amazingly young Alexandra Shulman looks for 65. You can tell she is happy and relaxed. I thought I was doing well for 67, but she looks 40. What’s her secret?

FIONA CRAWFORD, York. I AGREE with Alexandra Shulman’s decision not to use treatments to retain her youthful appearance. When I was a teenager, I realised that a pleasant personalit­y and sense of humour was far more important than looks. Fortunatel­y, I have a good complexion, so don’t have to wear much make-up. Those who use fillers to achieve smooth, unblemishe­d skin also lose laughter lines, which give the face personalit­y.

Name and address supplied. THE photo of Alexandra Shulman shows a very attractive lady with a patina of age. I wince when I see a woman with lips puffed up with fillers and a frozen Botox face.

PHILIP MENZIES, Hornchurch, Essex. THERE will be a stampede if Alexandra turns up in my town — I will be first in the queue.

JACK SHARPE, Stroud, Glos.

 ?? ?? Pretty woman: Alexandra Shulman
Pretty woman: Alexandra Shulman

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