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Coal power stations are still needed


GRANT Shapps has asked the UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations to stay open to ensure the lights stay on next winter.

The Energy Secretary has requested National Grid ESO signs contracts with the owners of the five plants, which were due to have closed by now, to remain available to supply electricit­y at short notice.

A similar scheme was in place this winter and involved the National Grid ESO helping UK coal power stations import an estimated 800,000 tons of coal from around the world.

Drax operates two plants near Selby, North Yorkshire. There are also two run by EDF at West Burton A, in Derbyshire, and another by Uniper at Ratcliffeo­n-Soar, Nottingham­shire.

The move is at odds with commitment­s to cut climate change emissions. A legal ban on coalfired power generation is due to come into effect next year.

A government spokesman said it was ‘going above and beyond to ensure there are no issues next winter’.

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