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It’s mind the nap as Tube staff nod off

- By Vivek Chaudhary

AN investigat­ion has been launched after London Undergroun­d staff were pictured snoozing on the job.

Photos taken at Tooting Bec station in south London during morning rush hour show workers fast asleep while on duty in the control room.

Their roles involve supervisin­g overcrowdi­ng and responding to emergencie­s, meaning their naps potentiall­y put commuters’ safety at risk.

The passenger who took the pictures earlier this month did not want to be named, but said Tube strikes had been ‘hell’ for commuters and seeing staff asleep ‘is a further insult’.

The passenger added: ‘It’s common to see staff asleep.’

Transport for London said it was ‘looking into this issue as a priority as it does not fit with the high standards our colleagues usually demonstrat­e’.

 ?? ?? Snooze: A Tube worker
Snooze: A Tube worker

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