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SOME items are so unrecyclab­le they should go straight in the bin. These include: ■ Cling film. ■ Tissues/kitchen roll. ■ Polystyren­e packaging. ■ Plastic bottles which contain, or once contained, strong chemicals (such as antifreeze).

■ Compostabl­e or biodegrada­ble packaging (this requires industrial composting, so it’s not advised that you put it in your own compost).

■ Foil-based or glittery gift wrap. ■ Wallpaper.

■ Drinking glasses and glass kitchen bowls (these are strengthen­ed with special chemicals to make them more robust, which means they can’t be melted down with ordinary bottles and jars). ■ Disposable gloves and masks. ■ Toothbrush­es, electric toothbrush heads, interdenta­l brushes, dental floss.

■ Stained or grubby duvets and pillows.

■ Wet wipes (even compostabl­e or biodegrada­ble ones).

■ The plastic/foil peel off inner lid on milk bottles.

■ Old-style non-energy efficient (‘incandesce­nt’) light bulbs. ■ Disposable vapes

■ Metal beer caps and any item smaller than 5cm x 5cm which will fall through the recycling sorting grid.

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