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Prada Saffiano bag, prada.com


PRICE TAG: £1,800.

VOLKAN’S ESTIMATE: £100 (£41.70 for leather, £ 58.30 for labour and other materials).

TEST: Prada uses a lot of Saffiano leather, which is coated in a plasticky layer and then stamped with a cross-hatched pattern.

This look is fashionabl­e, but it hides the true quality of the leather used. On the plus side, the heavy finish makes the bag water and scratch-resistant.

When I remove the finish, the leather that’s been used underneath is good quality, which is reassuring. Still, £42 should be enough to cover the leather used here, and as the design isn’t very complex, I’d estimate about £58 for labour and accessorie­s, like the coveted Prada badge.

VERDICT: To me, this feels plasticky. And given that I estimate the bag cost £100 to make, a mark-up of £1,700 is a lot to pay for the name on the label.

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