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My evenings are empty without young Morse


SHen It’S March, freezing cold, with snow and now flooding. My spring flowers struggle to look bright in the garden. Am I the only one who’s sick of this eternal wintry weather?

was a woman who’d made it her business to become an expert in women’s health. I felt completely safe in her hands. So, for those NHS managers who seem to have no idea of what fitting a coil, or IUD (intrauteri­ne device) entails, here’s what happened to me. a side room at the GP’s surgery. Pants off, lie on the bed. Legs wide open. ‘Try to relax,’

OH DEAR, another Sunday night with nothing to look forward to. Endeavour came to a brilliant end last week after ten years of the very best writing, plotting, characteri­sation and acting on British TV.

So, it’s goodbye to young

Morse, exquisitel­y played by Shaun Evans (left).

Only a couple of weeks ago Happy Valley ended for good. Why does the very best of television have to die for ever when Death In Paradise just goes on and on and on!

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