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Restless Roger’s hunt for the purr-fect pad


THE article about seren the fussy cat (Mail) reminded me of roger, a little ginger cat with a solemn expression who carried his tail like a question mark. he belonged to our next-door neighbours in streatham, south London, having moved in with them when he decided the upstairs flat that was his former home did not meet his strict requiremen­ts.

The neighbours lived down the road in a ground-floor flat with a garden. he stayed there happily enough until one day he found his way through our dividing fence and entered our terrace house via the cat flap. he found our dwelling more commodious and stayed with us for a year or two, with our neighbours’ blessing, visiting them from time to time. Wishing to better himself still further, he inveigled his way into the largest detached house in the vicinity. There he stayed, much loved by his new adoptive family, until he died at a ripe old age.

Julia Pickles, Cheltenham, Glos.

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