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Impartial Fiona


i APPLAUD sarah Vine for voicing my opinion on the vastly unfair treatment of fiona Bruce compared to the virtue-posturing gary Lineker. fiona was simply doing her job as the presenter of Question Time by making sure that viewers were given the context of the claims about the behaviour of stanley Johnson towards his first wife.

if she had allowed the term ‘ wife beater’ to have gone unchalleng­ed surely she would have failed in her duty of impartiali­ty.

Being an honourable person, when she was criticised as having trivialise­d domestic abuse, she stepped down from her role as an ambassador for refuge, the charity offering safe haven and support to victims.

as a BBC licence fee payer, i’d rather have three fiona Bruces than one self-important gary Lineker. VALERIE GOODCHILD,

Bangor, Co. Down. i Can’T understand why commentato­rs find it so difficult to accept that the public lionise gary Lineker and the BBC have hung fiona Bruce out to dry.

it’s simple: What gary said was the truth and what fiona Bruce said was truly shocking.

DAVID L. PRYOR, Henfield, W. Sussex.

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