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Are we too dependent on Chinese goods?


ANDREW NEIL’S incisive article on the Chinese threat to invade Taiwan clearly identified the danger posed to world peace and stability. Taiwan manufactur­es 90 per cent of the world’s microchips. Some Chinese motor firms make their own. I hope Western businesses do the same.

J. CLOUGH, Bolton. COMPANIES dependent on importing Chinese-made goods would do well to read Andrew Neil’s article. There is an ever-increasing probabilit­y of an invasion of Taiwan. Too much of British industry has supply chains reliant on China or semi-conductors made in Taiwan. Sensible companies should be planning to cover all eventualit­ies. Universiti­es should expect sanctions that would affect their numerous Chinese students.

CHRIS KING, Chichester, W. Sussex. IT SHOULD be no surprise that China is increasing its military budget to put its economy on a war footing. I hate it that we are so dependent on China for throwaway tat.

It is inevitable China will take Taiwan at some point, but they won’t need troops to do it. They will starve the West of its tech and we will roll over while issuing platitudes about democracy.


THE Government is congratula­ting itself on having rescued the British arm of the Silicon Valley Bank without the need to spend any taxpayers’ money. Its customers are high-tech start-ups at the forefront of developmen­t in this country.

Is it wise to hand access and to some extent financial control of such companies to HSBC, which is developing ever closer ties to the Chinese government?

STUART BROWN, Guildford, Surrey.

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