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Petulant Prince


PRINCE Andrew is full of complaints about his finances, his accommodat­ion and the fact he did not receive anything from the Queen’s will.

Surely he understand­s why his mother’s estate was left totally in the hands of his brother, King Charles — the monarch’s exemption from inheritanc­e tax.

He should also accept the fact that it is through his own stupidity that he finds himself in his difficult position.

He was an embarrassm­ent as business envoy for the UK and his relationsh­ip with Jeffrey Epstein resulted in him using millions from his family to pay off an accuser despite claiming his innocence. I doubt very much that

if he had to earn his own money he would pay £32,000 a year for a yoga guru, so why does he expect his brother to pick up the bill? Get a job, Andrew, and stop being a selfobsess­ed scrounger. WILLIAM SMITH, Carlisle.

IF CHARLES is the sole recipient of the Queen’s reported £650 million will, why doesn’t he have to pay a penny in inheritanc­e tax?

If only it was the same for his subjects. Is it one law for the rich and one for us peasants? PETER HENRY MORGAN, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. PRINCE Andrew complains that he hasn’t received any of his late mother’s money. Has he really forgotten the millions the Queen paid that saved him from what could have been a very embarrassi­ng court appearance?

JOHN WHAPSHOTT, Westbury, Wilts.

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