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■ THE BBC is going to have to widen its doors so Gary Lineker can get his head through.

DAVID KAYE, Haywards Heath, W. Sussex. ■ LINEKER should be subjected to a windbag tax on his BBC earnings.

GRAHAM ADLEM, Fareham, Hants. ■ A PUNDIT is someone who spends half-anhour before a match explaining what is going to happen, then the same time afterwards explaining why it didn’t.

COLIN LANCASTER, Leeds. ■ HOW elegant Jamie Lee Curtis looked at the Oscars. With too much bare skin or underwear on show, some of the other women looked half-dressed after a bad night or as if attempts at home dressmakin­g had gone wrong.

JANICE SMITH, Rotherham, S. Yorks. ■ IT’S Rishi’s house, Rishi’s pool, Rishi’s power bill and Rishi’s business! We don’t need the politics of envy from Labour.

JILL LOUCH, Uckfield, E. Sussex. ■ AS AN obese man, people saying ‘pig out’ or ‘wolf down’ has never made me feel like an animal (Mail). But it has made me reconsider helping myself to the last Yorkshire pudding.

R. BRYAN, Morpeth, Northumber­land. ■ AN ALL female final of The Apprentice: It’s the battle of the trout pouts.

FREYA WINDLEY, Birmingham. ■ DOES AI auto parking emulate real drivers? Pull in, reverse, go forward, reverse, then forward again to the spot you were in first.

PAUL GARROD, Portsmouth, Hants.

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