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Gastro symptoms back under control


MARIANNE Sloan has suffered with upper gastrointe­stinal symptoms for ten years, experienci­ng painful and longlastin­g episodes of heartburn, as well as bloating and other stomach troubles.

Stress is a trigger, as are certain foods. ‘If I eat anything to excess, up to eight hours of heartburn or stomach troubles can swiftly follow,’ she says. After a diagnosis of a gastrointe­stinal disorder, Marianne, 44, tried medication­s and remedies, but with little success. The unpredicta­bility of attacks has impacted her work and led her to miss out on events such as birthday celebratio­ns and interviews.

Thankfully, a friend gave Marianne a bottle of Silicolgel to try. ‘As soon as heartburn starts, I take it. The first time, three hours into a bad night of heartburn, I was able to lie down within 20 minutes and sleep until morning. I couldn’t believe it. It has made such a difference to me.’ Silicolgel contains silicic acid in a colloidal and hydrated gel that can relieve upper gastrointe­stinal disorders including reflux, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, abdominal discomfort and flatulence. Once taken, the gel forms a protective and soothing coating that lines the stomach and adsorbs irritants which are passed naturally out of the body.

Users of Silicolgel typically report relief from their symptoms, feeling in control of their life again and being able to exercise, cope better at work, use public transport and accept social invitation­s that would once have been impossible. Silicolgel bottles and travel-sized sachets can be purchased from Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and health stores.

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