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Are you tired of feeling tired?

Thanks to magnesium, Jane now has more energy


FEELING at a low ebb? Or just flatout exhausted? Either way, welcome to the club. The reasons can be many — from too many late nights, to trying to juggle work and family demands. But if you’re stuck with persistent low energy levels you can’t shake off, a lack of magnesium could be the real culprit. Magnesium is an essential mineral for all aspects of health, from muscles and bones, to heart health, mood and even just getting a good night’s sleep — and it’s vital for fighting tiredness and fatigue. Surveys show more than half of us aren’t getting our daily recommende­d magnesium intake from our diets.

Retired citizens advice advisor Jane Shaw, 69, explains: ‘I get leg cramps at night as well as interrupte­d sleep. ‘I’d read of Magnesium+ Advanced and my neurologis­t suggested taking a magnesium supplement too, so I thought I’d give it a try. ‘It really helped me with my leg cramps. I’ve been taking it now for around three months. I recently went for a long country walk with a friend, three hours each way. There’s no way I would have been able to do that before. Though I still get tired, I do feel it has given me more energy.’ Magnesium+ Advanced has been developed by FutureYou Cambridge, a British food supplement company based in the heart of the UK’s famous science and innovation hub with a focus on making hardto-absorb nutrients more ‘bioavailab­le’. Many magnesium supplement­s use magnesium oxide formulatio­ns simply because they contain a high amount of magnesium. ‘However, there’s a drawback — the magnesium is not easily released into the body,’ explains Dr Miriam Ferrer PhD, head of product developmen­t. ‘Taking more magnesium oxide to try and make up for the problem can lead to an upset stomach and other unpleasant gastrointe­stinal side effects.’ Magnesium+ Advanced mimics the way magnesium is stored in plants. This formulatio­n contains magnesium with natural glycine amino acids in a soluble organic complex’. Studies have shown it is more than four times easier for our bodies to absorb than standard magnesium oxide. ‘It’s much more bioavailab­le because it can be absorbed in the gut via a channel that’s exclusive to amino acids,’ explains Dr Ferrer. ‘This “VIP entry” means it can enter the body more quickly and easily. It also makes it very gentle on the stomach.’

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