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PLAY our accumulato­r game! Every day this week, solve the crossword to find the letter in the pink circle. On Friday, we’ll provide instructio­ns to submit your five-letter word for your chance to win a luxury Cross pen. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply. Entries cost 50p.


1 Monarch who acceded to the English throne in 1689 with his wife Mary II (7,2,6)

8 A group of models representi­ng a scene from a story or history (7)

9 A former monetary unit of Germany worth one hundredth of a mark (7)

10 Contestant who won 2023’s The Masked Singer, played by Busted’s Charlie Simpson (5)

11 Scottish alternativ­e rock band noted for their 1995 song Roll To Me (3,6)

12 Small archipelag­o in the Outer Hebrides whose native population was evacuated in 1930 (2,5)

14 A large tree with smooth, grey bark, glossy leaves and pale, fine-grained timber (5) 15 Merlene, sprinter born in Jamaica in 1960, who won nine Olympic medals (5)

17 A small quantity of a particular thing, especially something desirable (7)

19 To travel standing up in a bus or subway, especially in packed conditions (9)

22 Second day of the working

week in France (5)

23 Trisha, TV presenter born in 1957 noted for her talk shows (7)

24 London Zoo resident Guy, born in 1946, was this type of primate (7)

25 A dwelling unit for people who struggle due to old age, disability or similar care needs (11,4)


1 Song by Harry Styles that reached No. 4 in the UK charts in 2019 (10,5)

2 Halls typically near the entrance of public buildings (7)

3 Sport played by the Belfast Giants and Guildford Flames (3,6)

4 ____ Stand, viewing area at Lord’s cricket ground that was rebuilt and reopened in 1987 (5)

5 Watery discharge from the membranes of the eyes or nose (5)

6 No, No, ____, musical comedy that includes the song Tea For Two (7)

7 Charity begun in 1983 caring for historic buildings and sites in a part of the UK (7,8) 9 Su, actress who played chalet maid Peggy Ollerensha­w in Hi-De-Hi! (7) 13 Frank, English former midfielder who has managed Derby County, Chelsea and Everton (7)

14 Describing a parliament

that has two chambers (9) 16 Long angry speeches

of denunciati­on (7)

18 Bartolome, Spanish Baroque religious painter born in 1617 noted for his idealised style (7)

20 Chequered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of wool (5)

21 Beniamino, Italian operatic

tenor born in 1890 (5)


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