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Screens for a king-sized view of the Coronation

- By Rebecca English Royal Editor

‘Exciting and historic event’

Big screens will be put up around the country to allow communitie­s to watch the King’s Coronation together.

More than 30 locations in all four nations of the UK will host the public screenings, with more set to be added to encourage festivitie­s on May 6.

Announcing the move, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer described the Coronation as a ‘ magical moment’ in the country’s history that would showcase the ‘best of

Britain’. She added: ‘ These big screens in major locations of the UK will make it easier for everyone to take part and have a memorable experience to mark this exciting and historic event.’

More than £1million has been made available by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for the screens with confirmed sites including London, Cardiff Castle and Belfast City Hall.

The Coronation of the King and the Queen Consort will take place on Saturday, May 6, at Westminste­r Abbey. it is the first such event for 70 years.

The three-day celebrator­y weekend will see local authoritie­s host events including cultural festivals, live music, community workshops, creative games and competitio­ns.

There will be a Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday, May 7, broadcast live on BBC1 and iPlayer, where thousands of people will be in the audience.

Across the weekend, tens of thousands of Coronation ‘ Big Lunches’ and street parties will be staged in the UK and in Commonweal­th countries.

And Monday, May 8, will see the Big Help Out take place across the UK, encouragin­g people to volunteer to support the causes that matter the most to them and pay tribute to the King’s lifetime of service with organisati­ons including the Scouts, Royal Voluntary Service, and RNLi.

 ?? ?? Nominee: Sarah-Jane Umfreville, right, and refugee Liubov Baranova
Nominee: Sarah-Jane Umfreville, right, and refugee Liubov Baranova

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