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Is it time for Alan to join TikTok?


AHA! I’m Alan Partridge ended in 2002, but it seems creator Steve Coogan doesn’t want to say goodbye to his monstrous yet brilliant creation any time soon.

Coogan brought him back in the film Alpha Papa in 2013; and then in the TV series This Time With Alan Partridge in 2019 and 2021. Plus there was the From The Oasthouse podcast, narrated by the cringe-making ‘personalit­y’.

Jon Petrie, Director Of Comedy Commission­ing at the BBC, says: ‘We’re talking to Steve about Partridge, but are aware that he is busy with other projects at the moment. However, it is fun to imagine what Alan will be doing next.’

Sources reveal that Coogan is thinking about a new direction for his most famous character. ‘Partridge will have moved his career on in a different direction by the time he returns,’ says a mole. Can you imagine him on TikTok?

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