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Who can I vote for?


i’ve voted for different political parties over the years, ignoring the perceived idea that if you’re seen as coming from one class, you should vote for a certain party.

i have taken seriously my duty as a citizen to listen and try to understand all the conflictin­g opinions and policies being presented to voters by the political parties.

i have tried to make an informed and measured decision about who to vote for.

in the past, i always felt i had a choice. even when a party i hadn’t voted for came to power, i felt that democracy had prevailed.

But now the influence of Twitter and other social media outlets by people who are not politician­s has greatly diminished the status and gravitas of MPs.

They haven’t helped by showing their inability to rise to the challenge and privilege of their position.

i’m sure many other people are struggling like me with their conscience. we want to do our duty as good citizens, but who can we vote for?

SUSAN FELLA, London N21.

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