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My special toast to a Mum in a million


This Sunday, it is Mother’s Day. That sure can’t be enough To gather all our love and thanks

In just one day, this month. I loved my mother very much In fact, I always will,

She made me what

I am today —

Her shoes are hard to fill. My Mum was pretty, kind and tough,

She always thought of others. My friends all loved her just as much

As they loved their own mothers.

She’d give the clothes off her own back

If she thought they were needed,

No one was ever turned away, All cries for help were heeded.

She rode her bike around the town,

Cried greetings out to all. She called on all the old and sick

Served lunches at the hall. And when she died, the church was full

With kin and friends beside. My brother, Dad and I, stood tall

Our tears we didn’t hide. She left a gap in all our lives One we could never fill,

I think about her every day I surely always will.

So, on this Sunday, I will spend Some time alone with Mum, I’ll tell her how we’ve done so far

And what is yet to come. I know that she looks after us I feel it in my water.

So, here’s a toast to you, my Mum

From your own loving daughter.

Lindsay Hartgroves, Launceston, Cornwall.

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