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Plagued by squirrels


I CAN confirm that squirrels breaking into your loft (Mail) is a nightmare.

My husband and I were woken at 3am by gnawing and scampering above our heads.

We discovered squirrels were entering our loft through a hole in the fascia board of the neighbouri­ng house.

The pest controller­s who placed traps discovered that wiring had been chewed and a roof joist gnawed through.

My box of treasured childhood books, photos and letters had been shredded.

Even the loft insulation had been chewed up to such an extent that it was almost nonexisten­t. Five squirrels were trapped and all gaps and holes through which they could enter have been blocked, but the experts told me they can chew through concrete and plastic. They will lift a tile or chew a corner beside guttering or a drainpipe to gain entry.

If squirrels are in your loft, my advice is to act quickly and get pest control in before they cause costly damage.

GILL HORNE, Milton Keynes, Bucks.

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