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HOW’S this for the ultimate designer child car seat?

Its creators say the new Babyark is ‘the safest baby seat ever engineered’ promising uncompromi­sing levels of safety, cutting-edge engineerin­g and timeless design.

Described as a ‘safety cell’ for babies, it has been created by former Ferrari and new Mini creator Frank Stephenson who was inspired by the structure of an egg and shaped it like a pod.

He also drew inspiratio­n from his work in aerospace engineerin­g and performanc­e cars and used ‘military-grade’ energy absorbing technology’ and a carbon-fibre frame to keep the precious cargo safe in a collision.

The seat has 14 sensors in its base. Via a smartphone app it also signals parents if the seat is properly installed and if the child is correctly buckled up.

Stephenson, who now has his own London-based design agency ( franksteph­enson.com) said: ‘Babyark is a remarkable, highend product that ensures peace of mind for parents.’

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