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What will the Covid Inquiry actually prove?


THE Covid Inquiry trundles on at great cost and will prove very little, except what a weasel Dominic Cummings is. Meanwhile, China is not held to account for failing to be open about the outbreak, let alone its cause, until it was too late.

G. HATCHMAN, cheshunt, herts.

IT IS still early days, but it is becoming abundantly clear that we were being governed by a bunch of dithering idiots with no plan for dealing with a pandemic. I appreciate that this is said with hindsight — but if people had known how the crisis was being handled by the clowns in No 10, there would have been a revolution. I’m sure that over the coming months, much more will come out that will astonish and anger those who had faith in Boris Johnson & Co to do the right things.

david gordon, romiley, cheshire. SO THEY are trying to hang Boris out to dry. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We need to remember that most people called by the inquiry so far have an axe to grind with Johnson and what we are hearing is only their unreliable opinion.

E. KELLY, Weston-super-Mare, somerset.

IT IS becoming increasing­ly obvious that some witnesses who were in the Government during the pandemic are using this opportunit­y to bash Boris and others.

This will hardly be surprising to many people. But really, could any other government, of any political complexion, have done better? In my opinion, no. We were in uncharted territory and I don’t think there were any up-to-date plans for reacting to a pandemic. Yes, mistakes were made, but we need to move on.

What the inquiry should concentrat­e on is what we do next time.

TIM carter, Pershore, Worcs.

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