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Now there’s an alternativ­e to dentures for missing teeth


GUM disease and tooth loss can affect people of all ages — and at least six per cent of us in the UK have no natural teeth left at all.

Many try to cope with dentures, which do not function like natural teeth and can be embarrassi­ng and uncomforta­ble to wear. A reduced ability to chew can be a major issue for denture wearers, making it more difficult for those with advanced oral health problems to take part in normal social activities, such as visiting a restaurant.

Food plays such a big part in our lives, taking centre stage in most events involving family or friends. It can be demoralisi­ng to feel you have to avoid dining out — or stick to foods that you don’t have to chew. Even smiling in photograph­s can be a problem — but it can feel priceless when you are able to do this without worry.

Issues with eating and posing for photograph­s are just some of the reasons more people are now opting for full mouth ‘smile in a day’ dental implants that you do not remove like dentures, allowing you to relax, eat as you wish and smile with confidence.

‘Smile in a day’ dental implants behave as natural teeth and can be fixed in just one day at leading providers EvoDental, even with very little bone or in very complex cases. They are expertly tailored to your jaw for a precision fit, resulting in enhanced comfort and chewing performanc­e. These are not singular teeth on implants placed next to each other, they are a one-piece, full-jaw prosthetic bridge secured in place by four to six implants per jaw.

After the treatment, patients report that their dental implants have helped them to enjoy eating again, regain self-esteem and develop new confidence when in social situations.

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