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Want to enjoy a comedy film more? Eat sushi

- Daily Mail Reporter

FOR many Britons, unwinding after a long day involves sitting on the sofa and relaxing in front of the television.

Now an expert reckons he has worked out how to enhance the experience by choosing the right food for watching a film.

Sushi is the best meal for comedies and romance pairs best with a Mexican dish, according to nutritioni­st Rob Hobson. He said comedy worked best with sushi because laughing released feel-good chemicals in the brain, which work alongside end or ph in inducing amino acids, found in raw fish and rice.

He advised that those who enjoy crime thrillers should order an Indian takeaway, due to the anti- inflammato­ry spices, which help your stomach deal with anxiety, as well as supporting healthy blood pressure so your heart copes with stressful scenes. Mr Hobson added: ‘Watching TV is a multi- sensory experience in the same way as tucking into a good plate of food.

Research has shown that certain nutrients can help to support your mood so I have linked your favourite takeaway with the type of TV you’re watching so you can really amplify the viewing experience.’

Complex science fiction work well with Chinese dishes such as salt-and-pepper tofu, which contains Omega 3 for focus, choline for memory and concentrat­ion, and vitamin B for brain health. And lovers of romance should be ordering a spicy Mexican feast, high in zinc – which is important for testostero­ne – and stimulatin­g chillies.

Britons order an average of three takeaways a month. According to a survey of 2,000 people by Freeview, 43 per cent agree that some foods go better with different kinds of shows than others.

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